Hitachi CMOS Block DI-SC220

With a high sensitivity CMOS sensor, lens and Hitachi-developed digital signal processor (DSP), minimum subject illumination is now as low as 0.25lx. Visibility in dark environments is considerably improved compared to previous analogue models and new auto-focus algorithm allows for focusing on object in low light with high accuracy. PAL&NTSC/Composite output allows easy migration from your existing PAL/NTSC analogue system to the 720p digital system in future

Hitachi CMOS Block Camera DI SC210

Key features: small size & light weight 10X optical zoom with video capture of up to 60 frames per second. The DI-SC210 is suitable for a variety of applications. In addition to regular surveillance applications, it's great for traffic surveillance and as a vehicle mounted camera. It is also suitable for operating room monitoring and for use in video conferencing systems.

Hitachi CMOS Block Camera DI SC221

The DI-SC221's Digital Signal Processor uses high speed computation technologies developed by Hitachi for superb definition. Past performance has been maintained while further increasing visibility in dark and foggy environments. This camera is excellent for monitoring in a wide range of applications, both day and night.

Sony CMOS Block Camera FCB-EV7520

1080p Full HD Camera capturing 60 frames per second. The FCB-EV7520 allows you to acquire Full HD 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second. Perfect for high quality video conferencing, filming delicate medical procedures, capturing a speeding car's number plate or the nimble hand of a casino game player in accurate detail, thanks to Hitachi's proprietary image processing technology and 30x optical zoom.