Biometric Access Control

Finger Vein Access Control

The Hitachi USB Finger Vein Biometric Authentication Unit PCT-KCUA011 performs image capture, verification and authentication within the unit. This reduces load on the host system or PC. The device supports operating systems other than Windows®.

False Acceptance rate (FAR): 0.0001%* False Rejection Rate (FRR): 0.01%* Failure to Enrollment Rate: (FTER): Less than 0.03%(* Measured with 1:1 authentication based on ISO/IEC19795-1)

Finger Vein Products

USB Finger Vein Biometric Scanner

Users can improve IT security against illegitimate access and information leakage on their business systems with Finger Vein Biometric Scanner.

Physical Access Control Systems

“SecuaVeinAttestor” enhances the level of office security by preventing an unauthorized person’s entry and keeping the access log.

USB Finger Vein Biometric Scanner

Finger vein authentication devices are available for embedded use to various equipments and systems.