The performance features at a glance

  • Available in IP and Analogue
  • 18x/30x/40x (on request)
  • IP67
  • Aerodynamic design & Wind shear accreditation
  • Salt spray Anti-Corrosion
  • Intelligent controllable IR & White Light
  • Multi protocol

C-All-View-Ti-(I-type) (1) Rugged Pan/Tilt Unit with Optical and Thermal Cameras

Premier Electronics sulfide thermal imaging lenses

zinc sulfide lenses for thermal imaging cameras. The lenses are manufactured with a precise sintering and molding process, which utilizes powdered material in a heated press, as opposed to the traditional vapor deposition process. The lenses feature transmission from 8 μm to 12 μm in wavelength, optical surface roughness of less than 0.020 μm on average, and profile errors within 3 μm. In addition, these lenses feature an operating temperature range of -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C). The new lenses from Premier Electronics are available in 8.6mm, 13mm, 18.8mm, and 35mm, for both 320 and 640 pixel-size imagers.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

The all new Pocket Xeye is a no –nonsense thermal imager designed for police, border guard, military and commercial security. It has been designed as a commercial product but built to the same exacting standards as any Thermal imaging  The unit comes complete with built-in Lithium –Ion battery that provides up to 7 hours usage from a single charge and can be recharged from mains, vehicle or a portable USB charger (just like your phone). The Pocket Xeye provides on board image/video storage and video out, has built-in WiFi so you can download the images to any WiFi enabled device (Including your phone). The Pocket Xeye can also be supplied with an optional X2 screw-on extender lens and comes in a choice of 2 colours greyand black or green and black