Barix Annuncicom 200

The Annuncicom 200 is a versatile Audio over IP device designed to serve as a gateway between IP Paging, VoIP and Intercom systems and traditional microphone/speakers, Aiphone
stations or amplifers.

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    • VHF Radio Controller and interface to IP
    • Microphone Encoder for IP Audio
    • Surveillance
    • Door Intercom Controller, VoIP based
    • Help Point/SOS call box device
    • Classroom VoIP device with built-in amplifier, talkback, serial port
    • Paging and Audio Distribution with Amplifier control and monitoring
    • Live IP Audio Encoder for Streaming Applications
    • Generic, bidirectional full-duplex VoIP
    • module for Paging and Intercom Applications
    • SIP and IP Paging Zone Device
    • Digital Annunciator, Message Player, Message Repeater