Finger Vein Biometric Authentication Unit

Hitachi Embedded Finger Vein Authentication Device This finger vein authentication device can be easily embedded into system devices which have a USB interface. This device can capture the finger vein data, verify and report the result

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    Because finger veins are inside the body and invisible from the outside, finger vein patterns are extremely hard to steal and do not change with age, making it an ideal biometric feature for secure authentication.
    A clear finger vein image can be captured for highly accurate authentication by using the “transmissive light photographing method”.The compact size readers can be integrated into various devices/terminals.
    The finger vein authentication technology uses a finger vein pattern, unique to each individual, for verification and identification of an individual. The finger vein pattern is obtained by projecting near-infrared rays generated from LEDs of a finger vein reader through the individual’s finger. Near-infrared rays are absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood and thus appear as dark shadow lines in a captured image.