Twiga Dual 3G-SDI & Analog SD for Sony FCB-EV & EH series camera blocks

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    The DUAL 3G-SDI & analog SD Twiga module allows to transmit and display simultaneously full HD video signal and analog SD from Sony FCB-EV & EH series camera blocks.

    The analog video output PAL / NTSC is achieved by FPGA conversion of the digital signal of the camera. The displayed image is cropped in “Crop” format and corresponds to the center of the region of interest (ROI) of the HD image.

    The Twiga DUAL 3G-SDI & Analog SD module is built around a powerful FPGA dedicated to real-time image processing. On request, additional functions such as additions of measurements, reticles, contrast enhancement, scaling, digital zoom on PAL output, OSD, can be implemented.