XTM-640 LWIR (8-14um) Thermal Core series

High resolution uncooled thermal OEM module

Ready-to-integrate thermal OEM module consuming ultra-low-power

The XTM-640 core series is an extremely compact and versatile thermal camera module with unique image quality and stability for a broad range of OEM applications. These applications include
security, night vision, firefighting, airborne and land-based reconnaissance and surveillance.

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    A high operating temperature range is guaranteed together with unparalleled uniform and crisp thermal images thanks to sophisticated on-board image processing and full shutter control.

    The XTM-640 cores can be readily integrated into your system with the universal Samtec QTE connector, which gives you 16 bit parallel digital video data. This allows you immediate connection, data acquisition, command and control.

    The 640 x 480 image resolution with pixel pitch of 17 µm allows for longer Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) values in critical security applications.