3D LiDAR (TOF) Motion Sensor HLS-LFOM1 BLACK

The Hitachi 3D-LiDAR (TOF) Sensor can be utilized in multiple scenarios such as retail, care facilities and manufacturing plants to calculate movement and provide data in real time using infrared beam technology. The measurement is based on the time it takes light to travel to the object and back to the sensor, the “time of flight” (ToF).

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    • Highly versatile and programmable for non-intrusive deployment
    • Capture and analyze real time movements of inventories, people and key objects to empower decision-makers to formulate actionable plans for simulating sales, enhancing safety and streamlining floor operations
    • Multiple usage applications: security enhancement, retail and marketing analysis, warehouse and manufacturing, care facilities and hospitals
    • Wide viewing range, high precision distance measurement with 3D data
    • Detectable in bright light and low light

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