LWIR Zinc Sulfide LENS TH17V1810-25 18.8mm F#1.0 25mmdiam

The Sintered Zinc Sulphide Lens modules


  • LOW COST by mold forming instead of
  • machining
  • Practical Transparency beteen 8-12um
  • wavelength (LWIR)
  • Innovations – DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)
  • Coating + Athermalised Lens

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    Zinc Sulphide Lenses are:

    • Chemically Inert
    • Non-hygroscopic(with Anti Reflecting coating)
    • Highly pure and theoretically dense
    • Easily machined
    • Significant Fracture strength
    • High Hardness
    • With AR Coating high resistance to acid rain
    • Excellent imaging uniformity across the 8-12 micron waveband
    • High Level of index of refraction homogenity”