Pretec PCMCIA Linear Flash Card (Intel Series 2+)

PRETEC PCMCIA Linear Flash Card Series 5 conform to PCMCIA2.0/JEIDA4.1 or PCMCIA1.0/JEIDA4.0 international standard and consist of multiple Intel’s 28F008S5 (or 28F016S5) or compatible Flash memory devices and decoder IC mounted on a very thin printed circuit board using surface mounting technology.

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    • PRETEC PCMCIA Linear Flash Card Series 5
    • maintains backwards-compatibility with
    • series 2 family, key enhancements include:
    • smart voltage allows Vpp to be 5V or 12V,
    • 12V option renders the faster block erase,
    • program performance; enhance suspend
    • capabilities; in-system block locking.

    This series Flash memory cards contain 32 to 512 independent device blocks. Each block can be individually erasable.